Things You Must Know Before Hiring a Painter


Don’t be carried away with the excitement of hiring a painter to transform the colour of your home. All you need is assurance that the job is done right, to avoid disappointment, hence you must know the following before you hire a painter;

#1: What are the painter’s referrals?

You need to ask for the painter’s referrals, especially from genuine sources like Better Business Bureau.

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Pay attention to the professionalism levels, the promptness or arrival for work, and knowledge about painting materials and methods- all these should tell you more about the potential painter.

#2: What are the painter’s newest references

Do not accept old references but recent ones. You can only learn about the painting when the referees say there has been no flaking or chipping and peeling of paints after a specific period of time. Referees offer the most important information about painters.

#3: Years spent in business

You shouldn’t hand over your painting needs to a novice, you need to hand it over to a painting company that focusses on painting only and not a “jack of all trades”. It can be quite easy to find painters offering cheaper prices but how many of them will remain in business, a few years from now. The most reputable painters have skills and versatility and must have almost a decade or more handling numerous kinds of painting jobs.

#4: What type of contracts do they offer?

You must know the type of contract a potential painter offers. Ideally, the best painters should provide quotes before painting, and there must be no extra fee charged. If the painter has to prime some patches and fills up some cracks with caulk, it must be included in the detailed contract. If the painter will have to move some furniture and other vital items at a cost then it must be included in the initial quote. A painter that charges upfront, only to charge extra later is not trustworthy.

#5: Does the painter provides a warranty or warranty?

A good painter must provide a warranty against flaky, cracking and peeling paints. Similarly, the workmanship must come with a guaranty. Professional painters do offer 100% money-back guaranty and that is why they are the most trusted painters for all kinds of jobs.

#6: The quality of painting materials

You must know the quality and type of painting materials and painting methods offered by a potential painter you hope to hire. You need to be sure about what you are paying for. While professional painters only make use of big brands that cost higher than regular brands there are some paints that only work perfectly for industrial painting and not residential painting, hence you must be aware of the painter will use only a paint brand recommended for residential painting if you are painting your home.

You need to know the grade of paint used by prospective painters- this alone can make you choose the right painter.

#7: Type of professional tools use

Professional tapes must be used in covering certain parts of the building before painting, these include the ceiling border, door, and the window trim. Make sure the painter makes use of the recommended painter’s tape. You must also know the type of painting methods used by the painter- any unprofessional painting tool or methods should raise a red flag.

#8: Payment schedule

This is one of the most important things you should know before hiring a painter. Experts suggest that upon the signing of a contract you should pay no more than 20% upfront and the painter must allow you to make a flexible payment for a painting job. Any painter that request for more than 30% upfront should be reconsidered.

#9: The method of receiving an estimate

A professional painter should come and inspect your property before a quote and contract are agreed upon. You must get a detailed quote via email or by hand before a painting job commences. Any painter that make assumptions on quotes is not a good painter and should be disregarded.

#10: The On-site Etiquette

A professional painter must provide a painting job in an organized manner. If a painter has a reputation for smoking while painting or playing loud music then he is unfit to be hired. You need to be aware of their common work etiquette before hiring them.

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