At Bohemia Painting, we understand that hiring a painting contractor can be a stressful experience. You can rest assured that we will treat your home or office with respect. We will keep you updated on the project by providing you with information and details on a regular basis.

Free Written Proposal

When you contact us, we will come to your home or office to view your property and discuss the specifics of your intended project with you. Then we will provide you with a customized proposal. This proposal will outline the scope of the work that we will perform. It will specify products, application methods, number of coats, areas to be painted, customer’s requests, pricing and payment information.

Having such information and details about any proposed project will allow you to evaluate the different bids you may receive and make a decision that is not based solely on price, but one that is best for you.


Once Bohemia Painting and our customer have agreed on a proposal and signed a contract, we will schedule the project for dates and times agreed upon with our customer.


Prior to the beginning of a project, we will contact you to schedule a time for our team to clean the surfaces to be painted. At that time, we will confirm your paint color selection. Two (2) days before Bohemia Painting begins your project, we will contact you to confirm our time of arrival.


When our Bohemia Painting crew arrives at your home, our onsite foreman will introduce himself and the crew to you. Our crew will review with you the written proposal, go around your property to determine any specific requirements you may have for your home or office.

Daily Update

At the end of every day, the onsite foreman will review the progress of the project with you. You will be able to discuss any concerns, questions, or specific issues at that time.


On the date planned for the completion of the project, we will schedule a walk around of your property with you to evaluate the job and identify any potentially missed areas. Any deficiency will be recorded on a list and attended to in a timely fashion in order to complete the project.


Once the project is completed, you will be given our invoice. Bohemia Painting’s invoices are payable upon receipt.