Bohemia painting services are transforming painting results in Kitsilano


Bohemia painting services are transforming painting results in Kitsilano area

Hiring a professional painter comes with a host of numerous benefits especially when your home is where your heart is. You can create an amazing exterior with a new painting, and at Bohemia painting, we gave professional painters trained in all manners of paintings, these include; brick painting, vinyl siding applications, Stucco, and door paintings. When you add a new coat of paint to the exterior of your home, you will give it a fascinating and wonderful appeal. Property evaluators and real estate experts believe that a painting makeover for a home can increase the value of the home by as much as 12.5%. For this reason, having a painting makeover for your home before selling it can actually generate more income for you.

In addition, for enhancing the aesthetic appeal and the value of your home, having a painting makeover for your home will also protect it from external elements such as excessive sunshine, and rain. At Bohemia painting we do ensure that we conduct tests on our paint brand, to ensure that they are able to protect the exterior of the home and we also ensure that they last longer.

Aside from exterior paintings, Bohemia also offers interior painting jobs in the Kitsilano area. Whether you want a completely new look for the kitchen, a more appealing master bedroom, or your daughter wants a bright pink color in a section of her bedroom we will ensure that we help you actualize your dream with the right painting methods.

While carrying out our painting duties we will ensure that all your home items are well-protected. For instance, we will tape-off all furniture and even the smallest item inside your home. We will take extra care, even in protecting your most valuable jewelry, books, kids toys and every other precious item inside the home to ensure that they don’t get stained with paints. We will not go ahead with the painting until we have confirmed that every item in the house has been protected. It does not matter whether you need to paint a single room or the entire home, we will surely deliver excellent quality painting in Kitsilano area.