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At Bohemia Painting, we realize that having someone come into your home may feel like an intrusion into your life. Therefore, we respect your privacy and we take great care to ensure that your possessions and furnishings are protected.

Bohemia painting offers a variety of green painting options. From Low VOC products to responsible cleanup and recycling, we are committed to practices that minimize our impact on the environment. Thanks to improvements to low VOC paint, you no longer have to sacrifice quality and coverage when you use low VOC and low odor types of paint. For more information and advice on how you can use green painting products for your next project, give us a call today!

Interior Painting Procedures:

> All floors and carpeting will be covered with drop sheets;
> All furniture will be covered with vinyl sheeting;
> All surfaces will be lightly sanded prior to being painted;
> All surfaces will be prepared (putty, caulking, etc.) prior to being painted;
> Any debris, waste and empty paint containers will be removed from your property and properly discarded;
> High quality paint products will be applied;
> Any leftover paint will be labelled and given to our customer, if desired.



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